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    As part of the September holiday programme for our graduating Primary 6 students, Ms Shayln Wong was invited back to school to share on her experiences which helped to shape her to become a passionate and enthusiastic educator at Pathlight School.

   Ms Shayln expressed her gratitude for Mdm Nor instilling in her good character and values. She also stated how academic rigour introduced in her studies at Coral Primary had served her well in realising her dream as an educator.  

 She shared her challenges after graduating from Coral Primary and how she overcame these challenges with the strong desire to achieve excellence. 

She reminded the graduating students that it is important to build a strong foundation for one’s learning in both character and academic so as to prepare for themselves for the challenges ahead.

The first session of Trailblazers Series ended in an amiable atmosphere where students engaged in light-hearted conversation with Ms Shayln and took group photographs for loving memories of the short yet meaningful session with their alumnus.

Appreciation for Mdm Nor who inspired her to be the teacher she is today.JPGClass 6R.JPGClass 6O.JPGClass 6C.JPG