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Learning Science the ‘ABC Way’

P3 and P4 Water Rocket Experience @ Science Center Singapore

DNA Lesson @ Science Center Singapore

Aquatic Animals and Plants @ Science Center Singapore

A – Active Science

Experiential Learning in Science Laboratory


Wow...fascinating isn’t it?

Show me what you’ve got!

P1 & P2 Science Activities
Magic of Science Programme
Who says I’m too young to be a Scientist?

P1 and P2 students peering into the 
world of microscopic organisms

The Magic of Science…

Eco-Garden Activities
Where’s the caterpillar?

Coral Explorer Activities
Can you smell it?

B – Breathe Science

Lessons at Science Centre
DNA Workshop

Scientists in the making…
Serious Scientist at Work

Lessons at Science Centre
Aquatic Plants and Animals Workshop

Perseverance is the Key…
Watch my back while I go after the dragonfly!

Lessons at Science Centre
Water Rocket Workshop
The Launch of Coral’s very own Water Rocket!

Innovative Toy Workshop
picture 14.jpg
Creative Toys made by our Coralites

P3 Science Inquiry Workshop
pic 13.jpg

pic 12.jpg
I huff and I puff…that’s the Spirit of Inquiry..

Learning Journey to Sungai Buloh Nature Reserve
pic 11.jpg

pic 10.jpg
Where’s my prey?

C – Challenge Science

Science Practical Test
picture 9.jpg

pic 8.jpg

Teaching Science the ‘DEF Way’

D – Deepen Science Knowledge

Science content training for Teachers
Learning Journey to NUS Physics Lab
pic 7.jpg
Let’s test the Gravitational Potential Energy of my favourite car!

E – Enhance Science Teaching

Science Pedagogy Training for Teachers
picture 6.jpg
Meaningful interactions between Science Teachers

Science Workshops by Vendors
picture 5.jpg

Sharing at ICT Extravaganza
pciture 4.jpg
Gamification of Science Lessons using Edmodo

pic 3.jpg
Science Teachers in a datalogger workshop

F – Fundamentals Revisit

Reflective Practice Time (RPT)
Discussion & Sharing of Science Teaching Strategies
pic 2.jpg

pic 1.jpg
Many heads are always better than one…