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School Rules & Regulations



The school functions single session from 7.40 am to 1.40 pm, Monday to Friday. All pupils are to report to school by 7.20 am.

RECESS (Monday to Friday, except for Wednesday)

Level Recess Time
Primary 1, 2 & 3 10.10 am – 10.40 am
(except for Wednesday)

Primary 4, 5 & 6

10.40 am – 11.10 am

RECESS (Wednesday)

LevelRecess Time
Primary 1 & 2
9.40 am – 10.10 am 

 Primary 3 and 4

 10.10 am – 10.40 am 
Primary 4, 5 & 6
10.40 am – 11.10 am

* Daily Snack Break : 12.10 pm - 12.25 pm 


Absent for 1 Day Letter from Parent* To be submitted to the Form Teacher when the pupil reports for school
Absent for More than 1 Day Medical Certificate*
Absent during Exam (for 1 day or more) Medical Certificate*

Please note that other than illness, pupils are expected to be in school during term time. Parents are to write in to seek permission from the Principal should your child need to be absent during term time. The school will grant leave only on compassionate grounds, such as a bereavement in the family. Vacation should be planned within the school holidays. Please cooperate with the school in sending the right message to the pupils that curriculum time is important.


We seek your understanding and cooperation in the following:

For the safety of the pupils in the school, we appeal to parents not to drive their vehicles into the school compound, except on rainy days. This is to ensure that there is no traffic congestion during peak hours:
  • 7.00am – 7.45am
  • 1.00pm – 2.00pm

For the safety of all road users, please abide by traffic rules when allowing your child to alight from your vehicle or waiting for your child outside the school compound. Please ensure that your child observes the school rules 


We would like to remind parents who need to see your child/ward or any teacher during the school hours to report to the General Office. You are also required to obtain a visitor’s pass at the Security Post for entering the school premises.

Please do not go directly to the classrooms without permission. We appreciate your strict adherence to our policy of checking in at the General Office when you are at school for any reason. We appeal to parents not to loiter within the school premises unnecessarily especially during curriculum time as you may distract your child/ward while he/she is studying.

Parents are not to come to the school at recess time to buy food for your child/ward. We would like to teach our pupils to be independent. In our effort to inculcate the value of responsibility in our pupils, we seek your assistance in reminding your child to bring the necessary books, stationery and other essentials to school e.g. spectacles, medicine, wallet/purse and water bottle. If they have forgotten to bring any necessary item, they would have to experience the inconvenience caused and make it a point to remember to bring it thereafter. Parents should not rush to deliver forgotten items to school. The only allowance we make is for items like spectacles and medicine. Parents could leave the items with the General Office and our staff will then bring them to the pupils with a warning as we must educate them to be responsible for themselves.



Every Coralite can be nurtured to be self-disciplined, responsible, caring and


Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.


  • Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed. 

    a.    Name tag is ironed/sewn below the school badge.

    b.    All accessories like friendship bands/bracelets etc. are not allowed.

    c.    Handphone straps/wallet chains must not be dangling outside the pocket.

    d.  Wear plain white socks  and white shoes. Socks worn must be clearly visible.


a.     Clean shaven and no facial hair is allowed.

b.     Side of hair should not touch ears.

c.      No long sideburns.

d.     Hair at the back of head should not touch collar.

e.   No ‘tails” or dyed hair.

f.      Hairstyles should be neat, tidy and simply styled.

            g.  Fringe should not touch eyebrows.


a.   Long and/or shoulder length hair must be tied with black or dark blue hair accessories.

b.   Only 1 pair of small and simple ear stud is allowed to be worn.  No other forms of jewellery are allowed.

c.    Hairstyles should be neat, tidy and simply styled.

d.   Fringe should not touch eyebrows.

    e.  The length of the girls’ pinafore should be at/below the kneecap.


P.E. attire is to be worn on days when there are PE lessons/CCA

a.   All leadership badges should be worn above the name tag.

b.   Name tag is ironed\/sewn on below the school badge.

c.   P.E. T-shirt must be tucked in at all times.

d.  Wear plain white shoes and white socks.  Socks worn must be clearly visible.

e.  Sport shoes are only allowed for sports CCA and during special school activities.


  •  Always maintain a high level of personal hygiene.
  • Wear the complete school uniform/P.E. attire when reporting to school, even during school holidays, for extra lessons/CCA/remedial/supplementary/enrichment lessons.
  •  No tattoos or cosmetics are allowed.
  •  Fingernails should be kept short and clean.  No nail polish or strengthener is to be applied on fingernails.
    1.       Acceptable Behaviour in the Classroom

    a.    Keep your classroom clean.

    b.    Arrange your desks and chairs neatly.

    c.    Avoid moving around in the classroom unnecessarily.

    d.    Be attentive.

    e.    Take turns to answer questions or give comments.

    f.     Complete all your class assignments.

    g.    Bring all the books required for the day.

    h.    Hand in your work on time.

    i.      Do your work neatly and carefully.

    j.      Get permission from your teacher before leaving your class.

    k.    The “Permission Pass” is to be prominently displayed.

2.       Acceptable Behaviour in the Canteen

a.       Eat/Drink in the canteen only.

b.      Queue up for your food in an orderly manner.

c.       Was your hands before eating .

d.      Eat graciously.

e.      Clear spilled food or drink from the tables.

f.        Return unused cutlery and crockery to the utensil collection points.

g.       Throw all litter into the dustbins.

h.      Speak softly.

i.         Walk in the canteen.

3.       Acceptable Behaviour in the Library

a.       Observe the library rules.

b.      Observe silence.

c.       Take good care of the books.

d.      Return the books to the proper shelves.

e.      Keep the library neat and tidy at all times.

4.       Acceptable Behaviour in the Computer and Science Laboratories

a.       Enter or work in the laboratory only when the teacher is present.

b.      Observe the rules set.

c.       Handle all the equipment with care.

d.      Return all resources after use and keep the laboratories clean and tidy.

5.       Care for Our School and Environment

a.       Keep our school clean and green.

b.      Allow the plants to grow undisturbed.

c.       Pick up litter and throw them into dustbins.

d.      Keep the areas outside the school clean.

e.      Take good care of our school property and environment.

6.       Good Toilet Habits

a.       Flush the toilet after use.

b.      Wash your hands after every visit to the toilet.

c.       Save water.

d.      Keep the wash basins and toilet bowls clean.

e.      Keep the floor clean and dry.

f.        Inform your teacher or OM of any leakage or damage in the toilet.


 a.    Electronic devices: radios, compact disc players, hand-held computer games, electronic/video games and MP3 players.

b.    Mobile phones (unless requests from parents are granted by the Principal)

c.    Chewing gum - not to be consumed or sold to others

d.   Sharp objects such as pen knives and metal rulers]

e.   Playing cards, trading cards and toysa. 

f.  Correction fluid

g.  Any other items that will disrupt the learning process