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Principal's Message

Welcome to Coral Primary!

In our school, we strive to provide the best environment and opportunities for our pupils i.e. Coralities so that they will develop holistically and maximise their potential. As Principal, I strongly believe that every child is unique and gifted. It is up to all of us to discover and grow the talent of every child so that he or she will experience success. To this end, we aim to provide quality education in a culture of care and excellence for Coralites.

While we place emphasis on academic excellence, we also seek to imbue in our young charges the right values, life skills and dispositions so that they are well equipped to seize opportunities and to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing globalised world. The school programmes and environment have been carefully designed to revolve around the values that every Coralite upholds – “Care”, “Responsibility”, “Respect” and “Resilience”.

The holistic development of our pupils would not have been possible without our partnerships with our various stakeholders. Our School Advisory Council members, Parent Support Group, community partners and parents have been most supportive of the school. Their presence and invaluable contributions have not only added value to the learning experience, but they have also given us the confidence and faith to continue in this meaningful pursuit of education as we serve our Coralites.

I am very privileged to have the opportunity to lead and work alongside our highly committed, dedicated and professional staff and wonderful partners. As a team, we strive to provide a student-centric, values-based education for every Coralite. If you are not already part of our family, do visit us and let us lead you on this unique learning journey of Coral Primary.

We look forward to seeing you at Coral Primary.

Ms Chong Siew Fong
Coral Primary School